Yoga at Promises Austin


Struggling to overcome addiction and accompanying anxiety, depression, trauma and other mental health issues is tough on the mind, body and spirit. Many who come to Promises Austin to rid themselves of substance abuse are so out of balance that a normal, healthy life seems impossible. All they know is that they want to make a change, to do what they can to get clean and sober – and then go on from there.

In conjunction with traditional addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, at Promises Austin we offer many experiential therapies, including yoga. Reports indicate that more than 11 million Americans enjoy the restorative benefits of yoga.

The Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Recovery

Yoga helps people in our addiction treatment program not only create a sense of mind-body-spirit balance but also prevent relapse.

How does yoga do this? Yoga, which has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, helps the practitioner to create awareness, harmony and strength of mind. By focusing on breathing and specific physical movements, yoga can bring clients back to the present and minimize their vulnerability to craving and triggers. Yoga restores balance and generates energy in the body – tools that can enhance inner awareness. Yoga can also help reduce stress and improve mood and focus.

Other benefits of yoga include:

  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Increased energy
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase in overall muscle tone and strength
  • Better breathing control and efficient use of oxygen in the body
  • Improved heart health

While in drug treatment with us, clients making use of yoga report fewer problems with insomnia and, with improved mental focus, they can key in on being active participants in their treatment process. They also feel a positive mood change that inspires hope and promise in recovery.

Yoga at Promises Austin

Yoga is offered once to twice weekly in a large group setting, and is available for individual or small group instruction at appropriate times in the schedule on request.

Yoga is a practice that continues to pay dividends long after clients return home from treatment. It is a positive, life-affirming therapy that can be practiced in private or in groups. Learning the disciplined techniques and the regulated breathing helps instantly calm the mind, restore the spirit and bring balance to the body.

Among the numerous experiential therapies available to clients at Promises Austin, yoga is one of the more popularly requested. Best of all, clients take what they learn with them, giving them a leg up on a new and healthier lifestyle in recovery.

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