Massage Therapy

What could be more relaxing than a healing massage? Whether the request is for Swedish, shiatsu, myofascial release, deep tissue or any variation in between, when at Promises Austin, our clients can avail themselves of the relaxing alternative approach to healing called massage therapy. Although it may seem like a luxury, and it definitely feels luxurious, massage therapy provides multiple benefits to those recovering from addiction.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Addiction

Studies suggest that massage increases dopamine and serotonin and decreases the stress hormone cortisol, all of which aids in addiction recovery. During the early stages of withdrawal, when dopamine often drops significantly, massage can ease what can be an uncomfortable time.

During recovery, clients experience physiological and emotional issues that include anxiety, agitation, pain and sleep problems. Massage also helps alleviate these issues, working in conjunction with traditional addiction treatments and other forms of experiential therapy. How does massage do this? While being massaged, the client’s body releases fewer stress hormones. These stress hormones weaken the body’s immune system and can lead to an increase in pain. Massage can help break that cycle.

Clients receiving regular massage treatments also report that they sleep better. Massage helps with overall relaxation of the body. Massage, also called bodywork, allows clients to feel connected to their bodies in ways they may have never felt before.

In addition, massage helps build trust. Addicts may cringe at the thought of someone else touching them, but with massage, the body can be relaxed and receptive, without the fear that they’re going to be hurt by another person. Massage brings recovery work to a new dimension, helping connect the body to the emotions.

Massage Therapy at Promises Austin

Massage therapy at Promises Austin is offered every week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The massage therapist is our most popular provider and is usually booked up. Our massage room is outside and isolated for peacefulness and privacy.

With massage, many of our clients are learning healthy, self-soothing techniques after using substances as their coping mechanisms. Until they come to us, they have forgotten, or never knew, that there are other things they can do to help themselves relax and practice healthy self-care.

As one of the many experiential therapies available at Promises Austin, massage therapy really brings home the concept of restorative holistic healing.

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