Integrative Breathwork

An Innovative Approach to Addressing Underlying Issues

At Promises Austin, we recognize that talk therapy isn’t always the most effective way to access and address deep-seated issues. This is why we offer a wide range of experiential therapies, including innovative approaches such as Integrative Breathwork, which complement traditional types of addiction treatment.

Integrative Breathwork is a unique style of therapy that blends evocative reverberant music, art therapy and clinical process groups to help clients access and address the core issues that often underpin addiction.

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An Emotional Journey

At Promises Austin, the process begins with deep, intentional breathing that helps guests get calm and centered. Using their favorite pillows, blankets, photos and other items, guests create a comfortable “nest” in which they sit or lay throughout the music portion. With the lights out, guests are led through a guided relaxation, followed by a 60-minute set of evocative music that is designed to inspire an emotional journey.

There is no right or wrong response to this experience. Some guests laugh, some cry, some experience emotions they didn’t expect. Others have visual experiences or enter an altered state of consciousness. For many, the experience is highly impactful and offers an opportunity to process and find relief from grief, anger and other issues.

Staying in a quiet, reflective state, guests are then invited to create mandalas – circles on paper – that serve as a visual representation of their experience. Again, there is no right or wrong way to create a mandala. This is a free, creative and unstructured project.

Afterward, guests participate in a process group where they are encouraged to share as much or as little as they wish about their experience and what their mandala represents to them. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate self-reflection, not analysis, interpretation or feedback from therapists or other guests. For many guests, this is a very emotional process that brings deep-seated issues to the surface.

Integrative Breathwork sessions are gender-specific and are offered every other week to guests who have been approved for participation by their clinical team. The process is led by a licensed professional counselor with years of experience to ensure emotional safety and maximize therapeutic productivity.

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