Positive Recovery®: Your Key to a Rich, Full, Sober Life

Recovery from addiction is about far more than interrupting the use of alcohol or other drugs. A rich and full lifestyle is what makes abstinence sustainable, and at Promises Austin treatment center we help clients develop the skills to pursue happier, more meaningful lives so that drugs and alcohol are less tempting and relapse is less likely.  Speak Confidentially with a Promises Recovery Advisor at 844-874-5491.

Developed by our chief medical officer, Positive Recovery® is a unique, balanced and evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. It combines the science of happiness, or “positive psychology,” with effective approaches to help clients discover a life full of meaning, engagement, fulfilling relationships and achievement.

Our motivation in creating the Positive Recovery® program comes from a deep commitment to improving treatment outcomes. The medical model approach to addiction treatment is effective at creating abstinence. Positive Recovery balances this system by not only removing the undesirable aspects of life, but also by building up what makes life most worth living. Through the use of powerful daily interventions, clients begin to envision a better life after addiction.

At Promises Austin treatment center, we strive to discover the deeper reasons behind substance abuse and help clients transform their lives in ways they never dreamed possible. Call today to speak to one of our dedicated advisors. We’ll help you establish habits that make recovery more attractive than addiction.

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