Stages of Recovery: The Phase Program

A Concrete Framework for Addiction Recovery

During your stay at Promises Austin, you will journey through a phase program that will integrate the 12-Step, clinical, educational and spiritual work that you will engage in as you build your recovery. This phase program utilizes Native-American symbolism, a tangible and observable form of spirituality that is easy to access while in the beautiful retreat-like setting of Promises Austin. Speak Confidentially with a Promises Recovery Advisor at 844-874-5491.

Phases of recovery are named after directions (East, South, West and North). Each direction symbolizes a path that can help you make changes that will bring meaning and purpose into your life. Each phase entails detailed assignments and responsibilities, all of which are individualized to address the unique needs and utilize the unique strengths of each client. Guests work through the following phases, each with its own goals, milestones and privileges:

Phase 1 of Recovery: Direction from the East

The direction of birth, new life, creation and originality. The East is where an illness is diagnosed and the first step is taken toward determination to overcome it. In this place of beginnings, the light of the East brings knowledge and clear vision. Goals of this phase are stabilization, orientation, treatment acceptance, guideline compliance and positive peer interaction.

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Phase 2 of Recovery: Direction from the South

The South is the direction of playfulness and emotional vulnerability. If you are having difficulties with trust and faith, the South will teach you the strength of your vulnerability. Here you learn to trust, be vulnerable, identify feelings, and let go of ego and self-will. Goals of this phase also include motivation, healthy self-expression, increased self-awareness, spiritual acknowledgment, and development of a program of recovery.

Phase 3 of Recovery: Direction from the West

At sunset, honor the West by letting go of a limiting perspective. The West is where you face your fears, limitations, old ideas and patterns, and addictions. Here you learn to let go of the past and limiting perspectives, asking for help as you shed all the things in your life that deceive, are outdated, or need to be surrendered so that you can discover your true self. Goals of this phase are letting go of old ideas, surrendering to a new path, continued introspection, spiritual growth, and recovery tools practiced daily for effective treatment.

Phase 4 of Recovery: Direction from the North

The North holds wisdom and experience. Here you incorporate what has been learned and practiced and grow into wisdom on the path of service to Spirit and others. Goals of this phase are ongoing success, living an authentic life, practicing recovery and service.

Speak Confidentially with a Promises Recovery Advisor


Phase 5 of Recovery: Mother Earth

In this phase, you will acknowledge the bounty Mother Earth gives us and increase your practice of gratitude. The goals of this phase are living grounded and balanced.

Your recovery is a sacred journey that begins in a sacred place, but your time at Promises Austin is just the beginning. An important part of this process is recognizing its circular nature. In the months and years to come, you will revisit each of these directions and continue to learn and grow in new ways.[cta-inline]

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