Withdrawal from Stimulant Drugs

Promises Austin is a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center with a very personalized, holistic approach to helping those with the disease of addiction to break free from the cycle of addiction through a 35 day or more program for addiction recovery.

Among the many topics discussed throughout the course of enrollment in this comprehensive addiction treatment program will be the many types of addictive drugs. During this portion of your treatment for addiction, withdrawal from stimulant drugs will be discussed, as well as ways to cope with the experience of withdrawal.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the negative physical, mental and emotional experiences associated with withdrawal from stimulants and the ways the brain neurotransmitters are affected. Stimulants increase the use of neurotransmitters during this active substance abuse.

Brain Neurotransmitters: Stimulant Drug Abuse

When stimulant use is discontinued, the body must begin making the neurotransmitters that were previously used up by the increased activity caused by stimulant drug abuse. The period of time this can take is dependent upon the length of time that an individual has used stimulant drugs during their active addiction.

The levels of brain neurotransmitters can affect whether a person feels bad or good, exhausted verses energized, or ill and without strength, rather than the opposite. Within only a few hours of the last point of stimulant use, an individual may begin to experience the symptoms of withdrawal.

Many who have abused stimulant drugs may experience withdrawal symptoms for up to two weeks after discontinuing their use. Symptoms that an individual suffering from withdrawal from stimulants can include depression and emotional agitation. Sleeping patterns may also be disrupted.

Symptoms of Withdrawal from Stimulants

Suicidal thoughts are also common among individuals with an addiction to stimulants once they have stopped ingesting these.

Assisting guests of Promises Austin through these symptoms of withdrawal includes helping them to understand the time frame in which these symptoms will peak and then diminish in their intensity.

Individuals with an addiction to certain types of stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, may also have points of discomfort after the conclusion of the first two weeks of abstinence from cocaine and other drugs, even lasting as long as three months at times.

In the nurturing environment of the addiction treatment program at Promises Austin, guests will be helped to understand that the symptoms they experience during withdrawal from stimulants will eventually subside entirely, despite the feelings that these various forms of discomfort may never end.

You will learn during your recovery program to participate in certain types of behaviors to assist in reducing the symptoms of withdrawal such as meditation, exercise and attendance at encouraging meetings for self-help.

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