Understanding Substances of Abuse

The Living in Balance program is used at Promises Austin near Austin, Texas for drug rehabilitation and

As part of the program for achieving recovery, our holistic approach includes providing an opportunity to more deeply understand the various substances of abuse. These addictive substances include stimulant drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, psychedelic drugs and depressant drugs.

While our experienced counselors help guests to better understand what these drugs are and the many ways that they affect the lives of those who use them physically, mentally and emotionally, they will also be providing a great deal of information on the effect that these addictive substances have on the brain itself and the brain neurotransmitters.

Addiction Treatment Program: Path to Deeper Comprehension of the Effect of Substance Abuse

Cravings and withdrawal experienced by those who have achieved abstinence from addictive drugs will also be examined, while we work with our guests to help them prepare to cope with a drug-free lifestyle.

Information presented in the Living in Balance addiction treatment program will also include the different effects of various dosage levels for these many types of drugs.

When attending the addiction treatment sessions at Promises Austin, you will be encouraged to thoroughly reflect on the ways that the substances you have abused have impacted your life in any way, while receiving this chance to more thoroughly understand the nature of these various drugs and their common effects on the body and mind.

As you courageously take in the information presented to you and experience this advanced alcohol and drug abuse educational treatment process, you will be helped to learn how to regain control in your life to benefit yourself and your loved ones through working toward recovery from the disease of addiction.

Promises Austin helps individuals from around the nation seeking help with drug or alcohol dependency. In addition to serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, guests travel from California, New York, Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin.

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