Twelve Step Addiction Recovery Programs

At Promises Austin, we have worked hard to develop thorough addiction recovery programs to significantly assist individuals working toward achieving positive change in overcoming a dependence on alcohol or drugs.

The Living in Balance portion of our substance abuse addiction treatments provides guests of our residential treatment center with a robust source of information to assist them in their quest for recovery through a series of sessions which are educational and offer a chance through exercises, illustrations, examples and guidance to reflect on the personal effect that drug addiction and alcoholism have had in their lives.

Through these sessions, you will have a chance to discover the ways that addiction, recovery and addiction relapse are all processes, rather than singular events. You will learn about the many warning signs and how to recognize these in yourself. You are also going to learn about the positive influence that twelve step addiction recovery programs can have on your long-term sobriety and have some of the mysteries and misconceptions around them explained.

Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse Recovery Groups

You will learn that in twelve step alcohol abuse and drug abuse recovery programs, it is suggested that you get a sponsor to work closely. A sponsor can assist you in identifying the relapse warning signs that you may not always be able to acknowledge on your own.

Going to twelve step group meetings can provide you with the ability to receive much needed feedback as you progress in your recovery from an addiction. In fact, ceasing to attend these helpful meetings is among the list of signs that you may be at risk for relapsing back into active substance abuse.

Twelve step addiction recovery programs also assist in the life of the individual with the disease of addiction because of the structure they can provide to help one to remain strong during challenging times.

You will be treated as a unique individual and more than just an addiction by the professionals at Promises Austin. That’s why our supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your alcohol dependence or drug dependence.

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