Stopping Addiction Thoughts

As you progress through the personalized, Living in Balance portion of your addiction treatment program at Promises Austin, you will learn more about ways to achieve long-term sobriety by managing your life in such a way that will assist you in preventing addiction triggers from leading to a relapse into drug abuse and active alcoholism.

One of the things you will be learning about is how to stop thoughts of drug use and prevent addictive thinking from turning into strong cravings for drugs and alcohol. Supportive counselors will guide you through the process of discovering what types of techniques for stopping addiction thoughts can work best for you individually.

You will be exposed to the mental switch, relaxation techniques and the snapping techniques to help you stop thoughts of drug use and drinking alcohol.

Understanding the Mental Switch Technique for Addiction Thought Stopping

Learning what the mental switch technique is includes thinking about an actual light switch in your mind’s eye. Closing your eyes and picturing turning this switch off is one of the thought stopping techniques that will be explained in depth to help you discover if this may be a helpful tool in preventing thoughts from causing you strong cravings for drinking alcohol and drug abuse.

Participants in the addiction treatment program at Promises Austin are more than just addictions. That’s why our supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your drug dependence or alcohol dependence.

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