Stimulant Drug Effects

During your 35 (or more) day drug and alcohol addiction treatment program at Promises Austin you will learn more about the effects of drugs that are classified as stimulants. There are six drugs that are commonly considered to be a part of the stimulant family of drugs. These include caffeine, cocaine, over-the-counter stimulant pills, amphetamine-related prescription pills, nicotine and amphetamines.

In this nurturing environment for those with the disease of addiction, education will be provided regarding stimulant drug’s effect on the nervous system. An individual taking stimulants may experience heightened senses and speedy thoughts. The various doses of stimulants that are ingested can create varying experiences.

This deepened comprehension of the effect of stimulant drug use is part of the journey toward recovery from addiction. During this time you will also learn as stimulant drugs are discussed that some stimulants are much stronger than others, producing intensified effects on the body of the substance abuse addict. There are a variety of effects caused by stimulant drugs, dependent upon the dosage level; however stimulants generally decrease the appetite of the stimulant drug user, as well as their sleeping abilities.

Effects of Different Stimulant Drug Dosages

Even lower doses of stimulant drugs will create a more alert state, keeping people who use these awake and alert. People commonly use substances such as coffee, cocaine, and over-the-counter pills to stay awake, often creating an increase in feelings of happiness and excitement.

Higher doses of stimulant drugs have a stronger effect on the body and mind. The heart may beat faster and the body’s muscles can be energized. Feelings of elation, energy, nervousness and anxiety are also common effects of stimulants.

When the stimulant dosage becomes particularly high, people will often become much more edgy and nervous. Sometimes violence and paranoia result as well. When these exceptionally high doses of stimulants are ingested, thoughts begin to race much too quickly and speech can become confusing. Behaviors resulting from these dosage levels are often strange. An overdose of stimulant drugs can be fatal.

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