Stimulant Drug Dependence

As Promises Austin guests advance into this session of the Living in Balance portion of the program, they will participate in a series of self exploratory exercises, while increasing their education about varied substance types and the effects these have on the mind and body.

Stimulant drug dependence is unique from other drug types in the ways that it affects both the psychological, emotional and physical well-being of an individual. Discussions and self-assessment testing performed in this part of this session will enable a deeper understanding of the many specific aspects of stimulant drugs.

The Living in Balance program helps guests to increase the likelihood of achieving positive change. An honest self evaluation is necessary in order to begin the process of regaining control over one’s own life. Participants will be encouraged to evaluate the ways that stimulant drugs have personally influenced them.

Commonly Abused Stimulant Drugs

Our guests learn how the effects of stimulants vary by type, level of dosage and frequency of use. Individual reactions are different in terms of physical, emotional and psychological effect.

Education provided in the Living in Balance sessions of the holistic treatment program includes descriptions of commonly used stimulants including prescription pills, over-the-counter stimulant pills, nicotine, caffeine, cocaine and amphetamines.

Stimulant Drug Education: Legal and Illegal Substance Types

The Life in Balance sessions in the program program will teach many little known facts about the different ways that stimulant drugs quickly reach the brain through inhalation, injection and via the nasal passage. The different methods used affect the impact to the user’s mind and body, as well as dictate how fast the affects of these drugs are experienced.

Guests will also learn how using legalized stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and over-the-counter drugs in large quantities can have effects similar to the use of stronger drugs including cocaine and other illegal substances.

Understanding what is occurring with the body is an important part of the overall recovery process. Dramatically increasing the activity of the nerves, stimulants often keep people awake and more alert, create a sense of elation, happiness, and increased energy. However, they also make people feel agitated, nervous, anxious, increase the heart rate and create a suspicious state of paranoia in which they often act out in violent behaviors. High doses of stimulants have also resulted in death.

This session of the Life in Balance portion of the program helps Promises Austin guests to more deeply understand drug dependence. The different parts of this session focus in on varied types of substance addiction.

Promises Austin helps individuals from around the nation seeking help with drug or alcohol dependency. In addition to serving clients from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, guests travel from California, New York, Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin.

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