Psychedelic and Hallucinogenic Drugs

The addiction treatment program at Promises Austin was developed to meet the unique needs of each of our guests. We incorporate portions of the highly successful Living In Balance recovery model in the educational sessions our guests attend. As you progress through these educational sessions during this process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will learn about the many different types of substances of abuse.

At this point in the program for addiction that is provided near Austin, Texas, the topic of psychedelic drugs and hallucinogenic drugs will be addressed. Individuals who ingest these types of substances experience a temporary change in perception and a different way of relating to their surroundings.

Psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs do not affect every individual in exactly the same way. Rather, the exact same drug and even the same amount of that drug can have entirely different effects on different people.

Factors Influencing the Experience of Drug Abuse

The environment that you are in, the expectations you have and the prior experiences you had are all influential in determining the type of experience you will have had when you ingested psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs.

Slang terms for the different types of experiences people have when taking these drug types include “good trip” and “bad trip.”

The “good trip” people think about is just as it would lead the hearer to believe, that the user of these drugs during this time felt that their experience of heightened senses was a positive one. Ironically the damaging effects of hallucinogenic use mean that for even the causal user, there are no “good trips.” And during treatment at Promises Austin, guests learn that the damage to sobriety means that any trip may end badly.

The “bad trip” may have included paranoia, fear, insecurity and even a state of panic.

Understanding the experiences of those who have used psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs is one part of increasing the understanding of these various drugs and their effect on the mind and body while working toward achieving recovery from a drug addiction.

Promises Austin helps individuals from around the nation seeking help with drug or alcohol dependency. In addition to serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, guests travel from California, New York, Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin.

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