Opioid Drug Education

Among the substances of abuse that you will learn more about during your stay at Promises Austin as you participate in the Living in Balance portion of the addiction treatment program is the drug Opioid. Opioid is a type of sedative-hypnotic drug that can reduce both pain and anxiety. It performs this feat by slowing down the speed with which the nerves deliver the messages of the senses to the brain.

Opioids are sometimes prescribed by doctors to patients for the purpose of suppressing both coughs and pain. These low doses of Opioids that are prescribed may also increase a sense of calm and create a feeling of pleasure. However, higher doses of Opioids with create a more extreme sense of pleasure, while entirely eliminating any kind of pain.

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As you learn more about Opioids while involved in the Living in Balance sessions of the addiction treatment program, you will learn that the physical effects of Opioids include difficulty in concentration, muscle relaxation, drowsiness, accompanied by the eyelids drooping and speech that may become slurred. Eye pupils may shrink. An individual taking Opioids may experience a reduction in physical coordination, as well as skin that is dry and becomes itchy as a result of this lack of moisture. Sexual desire may be decreased, as well as the ability to have normal bowel movements. Women may experience delayed periods as a result of Opioid use.

In your addiction treatment program at Promises Austin you will also learn that the withdrawal symptoms of Opioids can feel like the same experience as flu symptoms create. This may include sweating, diarrhea, fever, runny nose, watery eyes and insomnia. The heart may race and the individual suffering withdrawal from Opioids may experience the symptoms include in anxiety.

Withdrawal symptoms resulting from discontinuing Opioid drug abuse may only last for about a week after discontinuing usage. Individuals who stop using Methanone, which is an Opioid drug, may experience up to an additional week of withdrawal symptoms.

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