LSD Psychedelic Drug Dependence

As you participate in the addiction treatment process during the Living in Balance sessions at Promises Austin, you will be provided with an opportunity to achieve an increased understanding of the various substances of abuse.

This portion of your addiction treatment program will cover various aspects of psychedelic drug and hallucinogenic drug use. LSD psychedelic drug dependence information presented will include the ways that the drug LSD is similar to your brain neurotransmitters.

An individual using LSD may experience a great deal of confusion as their perceptions are not balanced in the normal way they would be if not under the influence of LSD drugs or LSA or DMT drugs.

Altered Perceptions as a Result of LSD Drug Abuse

Not only may the perception of the environment around the LSD user be altered, but their sense of themselves as well. Some people who have used LSD and similar drugs have begun to visualize colors that were not actually there or may have started believing that various body parts were larger or smaller than their actual size. They may have experienced extreme overconfidence or intense self-disdain.

The chance to achieve recovery after the use of LSD psychedelic drugs is provided through the in-depth examination of these various drug types, their effect on the senses, the body, the brain and on the life of the individual with the disease of addiction in the Living in Balance Program at Promises Austin.

After the review of LSD drugs is completed in your addiction treatment program, supportive, experienced counselors will guide you through the information provided regarding the drugs Mescaline, PCP and Marijuana, as these are all part of the family of psychedelic drugs and hallucinogenic drugs.

Although our uniquely holistic addiction treatment center is located in Austin, Texas, individuals across the nation may choose to attend the Living in Balance recovery program at Promises Austin which includes many amenities such as spa services, concierge services, personal trainers and other various luxury accommodations for recovery from an addiction.

Promises Austin addiction treatment center is particularly convenient for travelers coming from Wimberley, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands, Pasadena, and many other surrounding Texas cities.

Promises Austin also has guests from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Guests traveling from California, New York, Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin find the level of service and support invaluable.

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