Facts About Marijuana

Details about psychedelic drugs, stimulant drugs and depressant drugs are among the many topics which will be covered during your 35 day stay at Promises Austin while attending the Living in Balance sessions in addiction treatment program. Our customized, educational approach to addiction recovery also utilizes experiential techniques as we assist with the unique needs of each of our guests in overcoming their disease of addiction.

As experienced counselors help to guide you through the Sessions of your customized holistic addiction treatment program, they will present information about the ways that marijuana actually has stimulant affects as well as depressant and psychedelic effects on those who use marijuana and related drugs.

Marijuana can actually increase the heart rate in some users and promote insomnia, while causing other marijuana users to feel drowsy and relaxed. Other effects of marijuana use include a decrease in physical coordination, an increase in shakiness, cotton mouth and an increase in the appetite of the individual using marijuana.

Effects of Marijuana Substance Abuse

High dosages of marijuana can create more extreme states of paranoia that may include anxiety and panic attacks. Some marijuana users have even experienced hallucinations that may have frightened them.

Because marijuana accumulates in the fat cells, it remains in the body longer than most other drugs.

After a thorough discussion regarding the facts about marijuana and its many effects on the mind and body, you will begin to learn more about dependence on depressant drugs that are also called “downers” as you continue to participate in your personalized recovery program for addiction to drugs and alcohol.

In addition to serving guests from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, guests travel from states such as California, New York and Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin.

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