Dependence on Depressant Drugs: AKA Downers

Depressant drugs that you will be learning more details about during your participation in the Living in Balance sessions of the addiction treatment program at Promises Austin are also known by the commonly used term downers and include two main groupings. These groups are opioids and sedative-hypnotics.

Supportive, licensed counselors will be guiding you through your addiction treatment process, which includes learning many details regarding the various substances of abuse, their effect on the body and lives of those who ingest them and how you can deal with life once you begin abstaining from the use of these varied drugs.

Information presented about depressant drugs will include the ways that it slows the nervous system, thoughts and reactions or behaviors and how this differs depending on the level of dosage taken.

Addiction Treatment Program in Texas

Using the 12-step model for addiction recovery combined with innovative programs such as Living In Balance and a holistic approach to recovery, Promises Austin guests are aided in moving forward in their life toward overcoming an active addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The Promises Austin addiction treatment center near Austin, Texas is located on eight beautiful acres of land where guests are able to focus on their recovery and reflect upon the information presented.

As you continue moving through the educational sessions of your addiction treatment, you will at this point experience an opportunity for enhancing your understanding of the aforementioned depressant drugs. Overdosing on depressants is usually caused by using more than one type of depressant drug simultaneously, as the addition of various “downers” increases the effect of depressant drugs more than simply increasing the dosage of a single depressant drug type.

Drinking a variety of different types of alcohol in a single time frame can also produce this intensified effect in much the same way or combining alcohol with other depressant drugs can also increase the effect of these drugs so that even the breathing center of the brain may be slowed, which can prove to be fatal to the drug or alcohol user.

Your addiction treatment program at Promises Austin will include question and answer exercises to help you more thoroughly process all of the information you receive. Promises Austin helps individuals from around the nation seeking help with drug or alcohol dependency. In addition to serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, guests travel from California, New York, Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin.

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