Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Methods – Living In Balance in Austin

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment, particularly holistic treatment as practiced at Promises Austin, is based on the understanding each individual has unique needs so no single treatment will be effective for everyone. Effective addiction treatment requires a customized approach that incorporates the latest developments in treatment and therapy, backed by solid fundamentals and proven results.

Living In Balance is a counseling method developed by the Center for Drug Treatment and Research in a project funded by the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The approach combines experiential techniques and educational sessions into a group oriented treatment model that has been tested and shown to produce positive treatment results. Part of your complete treatment program at Promises Austin will include the Living In Balance model.

Over the course of your treatment at Promises Austin you will typically participate in 12 Living In Balance Sessions. These sessions are designed to allow you to join in the group activities at any point in the cycle of sessions.

Under the guidance of your professional chemical dependency counselors the sessions will draw upon experiential techniques, cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy techniques in a dynamic and interactive group setting. Using techniques such as visualization, role playing, relaxation, recreational therapies and lectures you will discover the issues surrounding your drug abuse or alcoholism and critical keys to relapse prevention.

At Promises Austin the combination of process group and educational instruction we use through Living In Balance forms an important element in our holistic treatment approach. You will understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors that influence your chemical dependency or alcohol abuse and learn techniques to address problem areas in a positive, life-affirming manner. You will discover the triggers and danger-signs that can lead to relapse plus life-saving ways to avoid or control them. You will learn communication skills, life management techniques, and ways to restore, maintain and establish healthy relationships, including with your family, free from drugs or alcohol.

While the Living In Balance sessions are dynamic and based on the needs of our guests, the following pages provide some general information about the topics covered in each of the twelve sessions you will participate in over the 35 days of treatment at Promises Austin.

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