Alcohol Education and Other Sedative-Hypnotic Drug Information

While participating in the Living in Balance portion of the program for alcohol and drug addiction recovery at Promises Austin near Austin, Texas, you will be provided with a wide range of information on the different types of drugs that are abused as well as the effect of alcohol addiction.

You will discover what drugs are included in the sedative-hypnotic drug family as supportive professionals guide you through the addiction treatment process in our upscale drug and alcohol rehab center located on eight scenic acres of land.

A series of educational sessions including the presentation of in-depth information, written and verbal exercises, as well as discussions, will help you to work toward successfully learning how to remain drug-free on a long-term basis.

At this point, you will learn that sedatives create a sense of calm and lowered sensory stimulation. Hypnotic drugs are used as sleeping pills and also reduce the stimulation of the senses.

Addiction Treatment Program: Effects of Sedative-Hypnotic Drugs

As with other drugs you have received an opportunity to increase your understanding of by this point in your addiction treatment program, the different levels of dosage taken for sedative-hypnotic drugs will vary the effect that these have on your mind and body.

Taking sedative-hypnotic drugs can increase the likelihood of various types of accidents because of the effect of slowing things down for your senses and a drug overdose can easily prove to be fatal for this category of drugs.

You will also learn about the side effect of memory lapses for those who take sedative-hypnotic drugs. After extended consumption, a tolerance for these types of drugs can build up in the system of the drug user.

Sedative-hypnotic withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person and can take anywhere from one day to four days after the last date of sedative-hypnotic drug use to begin. These symptoms that you will discuss include vomiting, physical tremors, increased heart and breathing rate and insomnia to name the less severe withdrawal symptoms experienced. Symptoms of withdrawal from these drugs that are much more severe include having seizures, breaks from reality, or psychosis, delirium or the withdrawal may even be fatal.

Withdrawal symptoms may continue sporadically for months before completely disappearing. Professionals at the Promises Austin holistic drug and alcohol rehab center will work closely with you and your individual circumstances to ensure that you are receiving the most effective treatment for drug and alcohol abuse to meet your specific needs.

Promises Austin regularly helps individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, as well as from California, New York and Florida.

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