Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Education

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment education will be provided while you attend the addiction treatment program at Promises Austin. The Living in Balance program will be presented to all of the clients in attendance through a series of sessions. The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Session will primarily focus on the types of substances or drugs that have been abused. These will include hallucinogenic, depressant, stimulant and psychedelic drugs for which many individuals have developed an addiction. This session will also provide an informative review regarding the biology of addiction; the affects of substance abuse addiction on the brain.

You will find that the Alcohol and Other Drug Education component of the Living in Balance addiction treatment sessions at Promises Austin are divided into four primary portions. These sections are basically divided by the drug types that will be discussed. These educational sessions will include various exercises to assist in the thorough absorption of information on the part of the client, providing an opportunity for reflection and growth.

Objectives for comprehensions developed as a result of attending and participating in this particular Session of the Living In Balance program include both an understanding of what substances are commonly abused, what the physical side effects of abusing these substances may be, as well as the psychological and emotional effects that are a result of these varied types of drug abuse and drug abuse addiction.

Addiction Treatment: Participation in Addiction Recovery

Your participation in your own addiction recovery is necessary in order to experience positive results. During the time you spend at the Promises Austin, you will be encouraged to participate in periods of self-examination where you partner the drug and alcohol addiction education that will be provided to you with exploring ways that your personal life has been affected in emotional, psychological and physical terms.

As you learn more about the biology of addiction, you will be encouraged to deeply consider the information presented to you as you learn more about the harm that can be caused to the brain as a direct result of a substance abuse addiction. Taking the time and initiative necessary to both attend and participate in the addiction treatment at the Promises Austin, as well as truly working to receive the most effective benefit from this program will require effort on your part and involves the need to be courageous as you confront and attempt to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

Through these efforts, you will, however, have an opportunity to develop an increased understanding that will provide you with the ability to take control of your life once again and which substances of abuse can harm the brain. This will take courage, but the result of your efforts will be an increased understanding of how substance abuse has had significant effects on your life. This understanding through the holistic form of

Promises Austin helps individuals from around the nation seeking help with drug or alcohol dependency. In addition to serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, guests travel from states including California, New York, Florida for the innovative holistic addiction treatment offered at Promises Austin.

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