Addiction Triggers: What Are They?

Among the many important things you will learn about during the Living in Balance portion of your addiction treatment at Promises Austin will be developing an understanding of what addiction triggers are and how to deal with these in your recovery process.

You will learn that associations are created over time with things, scenarios, locations, feelings and other people in connection with drug abuse and alcohol abuse. These associations can create thoughts in the minds of the individual with the disease of addiction and these thoughts can, in turn, create cravings for drug or alcohol use.

During the course of your treatment for addiction, you will better understand the ways that these associations develop and become increasingly intense, as well as increase in quantity so that a larger number of items, people and scenarios, etc. are influential associations to drug and alcohol use.

Addiction Treatment Program

As you work through this session in your addiction treatment program that focused on the ways that you will learn how to plan for your recovery from an addiction, you will have employed the courage necessary to personally reflect in such as way as to honestly be able to acknowledge what these addiction triggers may be in your life and real ways that you can handle these situations in order to overcome your dependence on drugs or alcohol.

At Promises Austin we realize you are much more than just an addiction. That’s why our supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your alcohol dependence or drug dependence.

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