Addiction Triggers, Cravings and Relapse

The Living in Balance portion of the addiction treatment program at Promises Austin includes a series of Sessions where helpful counselors will guide you through the process of taking in and reflecting on the expansive amount of information presented during your 35 day stay at our upscale Austin drug rehab and alcohol rehab location situated on eight beautiful acres.

The Session that you will now be beginning is going to address the topic of addiction triggers, addiction cravings and addiction relapse.  As you participate in this particular session of your addiction treatment program, you will have the opportunity to learn practical methods for preventing addiction triggers from leading you to once again begin substance abuse.

The information delivered to you during this Session of the Living in Balance portion of your treatment program will help you to better define just what addiction triggers are, how experiencing these addiction triggers can end in substance abuse relapse and ways that you can make an addiction trigger ineffective as a gateway to the relapse process.

Coping with Addiction Triggers, Cravings and Avoiding Relapse

By attending the Living in Balance portion of the addiction treatment program, you will have the chance to learn how to be aware of just what your specific addiction triggers are. You will learn more about the different types of triggers in addiction and how to cope with these.

We will also work with you to help you to comprehend the points leading from the initial addiction trigger to the actual relapse into drug abuse or drinking alcohol again. Once you have learned these items, we will then work with you to help you comprehend how to take the power away from your addiction triggers and understand different thought stopping techniques.

As you progress through these informative, recovery sessions, the supportive, professional staff that will be working with you will encourage you to explore the many different aspects of life with which you have developed an association to alcohol or drug use.

Through a series of introspective processes, your time spent in the holistic treatment program at Promises Austin will provide you with the ability to be better equipped to handle the many parts of daily life without falling back into addiction relapse, but instead, moving forward down a long-term path of positive recovery from the disease of addiction.

At Promises Austin we know you are more than just an addiction. That’s why our supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your drug dependence or alcohol dependence.

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