Addiction Triggers and the Phenomena of Craving

To assist you in your recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol abuse, educational Sessions at the Promises Austin that are included in the Living in Balance portion of the addiction treatment program will include information about the many different types of triggers that an individual with the disease of addiction may be exposed to or experience which can lead to the phenomena of craving drugs or alcohol.

Experiencing an addiction trigger can be the beginning of the path toward entering the relapse process of drug abuse and alcohol abuse if you are not prepared with the adequate information and understanding necessary to prevent potential triggers from leading you into the stage of craving and then substance abuse.

You will learn that addiction triggers can be something as simple as a smell, a particular taste or a sound. These triggers may result in a vivid memory of substance abuse that could cause you to begin craving drugs or alcohol.

Craving Drugs & Alcohol Cravings in Early Recovery

Supportive professionals at Promises Austin, who regularly work with guests from states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, New York and Florida will also assist you in developing a deeper comprehension of the brain changes that are connected to cravings for a particular drug. Cravings for certain drugs may be a particularly prevalent experience within the first few months of abstinence and in early recovery.

Visual aids, discussions and exercises to help you reflect on the ways that the abuse of drugs or alcohol has affected your life will all be included in helping you better understand the disease of addiction and how you can employ the courage necessary to achieve positive change in recovery from an addiction.

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