Addiction Treatment Program Prayers

You will learn more about prayer as you progress to the end of the spiritually focused addiction treatment session in the Living in Balance portion of your program at Promises Austin.

The way that some people only use prayer when they are experiencing pain and fear will be discussed during this portion of your addiction treatment program. This is also part of the reason that the involvement of prayer in the 12 step group addiction treatment is addressed and why encouragement to follow the council of the 11th step is provided.For individuals with a specific religious faith or philosophy, they sometime enjoy praying as a group while gathered together with their like-minded fellowship. Regardless of the means you use for prayer or whether you pray alone or with a group, the encouragement to avoid self-seeking as an aspect of your prayer will be discussed during your Promises Austin addiction treatment.

Addiction Recovery Exercises and Help with Prayer

You will be encouraged to take a bit of time and reflect as exercises to assist you in deeper reflection are presented to help guide you to recognize what you truly believe about prayer, your higher power, the reasons for or against prayer and why you personally might think that praying as a part of your recovery on a regular basis, rather than just when you feel you need specific assistance could be beneficial, if at all.

If you don’t know how to pray, but would like to learn, you will have a chance to learn how to seek this higher power guidance through prayer in your addiction treatment process. You will learn more about what will be most beneficial to your recovery should you choose to include spirituality and prayer into your addiction treatment program.

You are more than just an addiction and we at Promises Austin are well aware that you deserve to be treated as a unique individual with specific circumstances of your own. That’s why our supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your drug and alcohol dependence.

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