Addiction Treatment Program: Dealing with Stress

Learning more about how to deal with stress will be included as you progress through the Living in Balance part of your Promises Austin addiction treatment program. You will discover through informational discussions and exercises that there are many different ways to deal with stress and that each individual may deal with stress in a slightly different way.

As you are progressing in your treatment for an addiction, you will learn more about which ways to deal with stress are healthier than other stress management responses. Learning this can help you to personally replace the dysfunctional behaviors you may have been previously using with actually healthy and beneficial methods for dealing with the stresses you experience as you work steadfastly toward overcoming your drug or alcohol dependence.Some of the exercises that will be provided to assist you in achieving in-depth, personal reflection on the topic of stress management in your life will include evaluating whether you have used various methods such as excessive eating, additional cigarette smoking, drug abuse or secondary drug use, drinking alcohol or many other ways that have been ineffective in the past for long-term benefits.

Healthy and Unhealthy Methods for Dealing with Stresses in Addiction Recovery

Considering some of the experiences you have had while feeling stressed will also be a part of your self-analyzation including whether or not you experience more negative emotions that are difficult to deal with when stressed, whether your interests in intimacy of varying forms decrease, whether you find that you behave irresponsibly during stressful times, or try to repress the emotions through any number of means.

Positive methods for dealing with stresses that will be discussed may include meetings in self-help groups or 12 step groups, therapy sessions, discussing what you are going through with another individual who understands your disease of addiction, turning to spiritual methods such as meditation and prayer or allowing yourself to relax in healthy recreation.

You will find that Promises Austin treats each guest uniquely and as more than just an addiction. Experienced and caring counselors regularly assist guests from Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, New York and Florida and will work closely with you to assist in ending your alcohol dependence or drug dependence.

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