Addiction Relapse: The Biology

Guests of the residential treatment center, Promises Austin will have the opportunity to participate in the Living in Balance portion of the holistic addiction treatment program presented for recovery from substance abuse addiction including the biology of addiction relapse.

You will be provided with much information regarding the biology of addiction to assist you in better comprehending the effect of drug abuse and alcoholism on your mind and body.

Experienced, qualified professionals will deliver thorough information regarding the involvement of the brain and how the pleasure center is in the brain, as well as the ways that sad, angry, fearful and other types of feelings that make up much of your experience in day to day life all stem from the controls in the brain.

Learning more about the part of the brain that sources the ability to restrain from certain activities, the chance to be more thoughtful and to plan out the aspects of your life will also be a part of your educational session regarding the biology of addiction.

Disease of Addiction and Substance Abuse Justification

Discussed too will be the ways that an individual with the disease of addiction have an overwhelming desire for using drugs and alcohol that can override the aspects of the brain that would direct the person to behave more prudently.

The logical part of the brain begins to play an integral role in supporting the disease of addiction, however, as justifications that seem rational become a part of choosing to partake in drugs or alcohol despite previous consequences and experiences. The individual with the addiction can become confused because what seems logical is now skewed toward favoring continued active substance abuse.

As you progress in your addiction treatment program, you will be helped to better understand the ways that the biology of addiction affects the potential for relapse and how your addiction recovery program and the behaviors you employ as a part of your effort toward successful sobriety all tie together.

It is common for those with an addiction to drugs and alcohol to fantasize about learning how to control and continue drug or alcohol use. Through this challenging process of recovery, you will be helped to better understand the many aspects of addiction, addiction relapse and addiction recovery in aiding you in your progress toward achieving long-term sobriety.

Begin living the life you deserve!  Let our supportive, holistic Promises Austin counselors, who regularly help guests from California, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your alcohol dependence or drug dependence.

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