Addiction Recovery Treatment: Defense against Stress

There are many aspects of dealing with stress that you will learn about during this session in the Living in Balance part of your addiction treatment program at Promises Austin. In the nurturing environment of our residential treatment center, you will be presented with educational sessions that include exercises in which you have the opportunity to deeply reflect on ways that each piece of information connects to your experiences in life.

This session, which covers the aspects of learning stress management skills, will discuss the defensive mechanisms that individuals utilize for self protection from difficult life scenarios. The type of defense mechanisms often used during stress that we are discussing here are primarily psychological.

Repression, Isolation & Regression in Active Substance Abuse Addiction

Individuals with the disease of addiction commonly repress their feelings as employment of unhealthy stress reduction methods. Emotional isolation and relying upon rationalizing in order to attempt to avoid feelings are a couple of the ways that people sometimes deal with stress and at other times they regress into more childish behaviors.

During the course of active substance abuse addiction, people use these different types of defensive mechanisms to cope with stress, but in your addiction recovery programs, you will be provided with alternative means for coping with your stressors and internal feelings of stress that can provide more beneficial results in your life.Promises Austin professionals treat each guest as a unique individual. You are more than just an addiction to us! Supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your alcohol or drug dependence.

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