Addiction Recovery: The Meaning of Spirituality

You will learn about the many effects of a drug addiction and alcoholism while you participate in the Living in Balance portion of the Promises Austin holistic treatment program. The session that you will be involved in at this point will be covering the topic of spirituality in addiction and what this means.

You will learn that a drug addiction and alcoholism is known to cause an individual to become emotionally, physically and psychologically damaged. The ways that drug and alcohol addictions also harm the spirituality of an individual may not be as widely discussed, but is no less important.Because many people find religion to be a very personal matter and connect spirituality to religion, this is often a delicate subject to cover; however, it is a topic that involves aspects of the lifestyle of each individual, rather than a theoretical religious subject.

12 Step Programs Verses Self Help Meetings for Recovering Addicts

One of the differences between 12 step programs and other self help meetings that you will have a choice in attending during your recovery from the disease of addiction is the way that 12 step programs are more focused on the spiritual aspect and you will have to decide for yourself, based on your own feelings and experiences as well as the information that will be presented to you during your addiction recovery program, whether or not you feel that spirituality needs to be an integral part of your addiction recovery focus.

As you continue to benefit from the addiction treatment provided at Promises Austin, you will discover that while the topic of spirituality is covered to enable you in making these important decisions, the Living in Balance portion of you treatment program will not push or encourage you to choose a 12 step group over a non-spirituality focused self help group.

Promises Austin professionals treat you as a unique individual and as more than just an addiction. As such our supportive, experienced counselors, who regularly help guests from Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, New York and Florida, will work closely with you to assist you in ending your alcohol dependence or drug dependence.

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