Addiction Recovery and Stress

Addiction recovery treatment is also provided during the Living in Balance portion of drug abuse and alcoholism treatment programs that are available at Promises Austin.

At this point in your addiction treatment program, you will learn how to better identify what stress is and more about the different types of stresses. The topic of frustrations will also be covered as you learn better how to deal with stresses and pressures through your addiction treatment in an effort to recover from the drug dependence or alcohol dependence that has been a source of stress in your life.The definition of a “stressor” that will be discussed includes any scenario, event, individual or other matters that create specific types of reactions in an individual. Stress itself is the reaction that occurs inside of someone who experiences a “stressor.”

Addiction Treatment: Stressors and Stresses

The several different types of stressors that you will learn about include pressures, conflicts and frustrations or obstacles preventing goal obtainment. Goals can be prevented or blocked from external or internal sources. An example of an external frustration may include employment or family issues. Internal frustrations could be guilt based upon various behaviors both present and from the past.

Conflicts that will be discussed during your holistic addiction treatment program will basically be covering when a decision must be made between reaching separate goals that you would like to achieve.

Learning more about pressures that are considered to be “stressors” will help you better comprehend the potential effect of being seemingly required to take a specific action or to take that specific action in a specific way.

You will find that Promises Austin treats each of our guests as unique individuals and as more than just addictions. Supportive, experienced counselors regularly help guests from Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, New York and Florida, and will work closely with you to assist in ending your alcohol dependence or drug dependence.

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