90 Day Addiction Treatment Program

Posted on July 23rd, 2010

At the Promises Austin we offer a 90 day addiction treatment program. This program offers the opportunity for you to become secure in recovery, and more skilled in maintaining your sobriety. The 90 day program allows us to offer more recovery assistance, as you refine the new direction for your life. The extended stay provides the opportunity for you to become grounded in the new behaviors and patterns of an addiction free lifestyle that will allow you to live the life you envision in a positive and creative way.  According to the National Institute of DrugAbuse residential or outpatient treatment participation for 90 days is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes. Through observation and interaction, 90-Day patients gain new perspectives on their alcoholism/addiction by seeing how the disease that affects them affects others.  The focus of treatment in this program is to provide a foundation in 12-Step recovery and to address the ongoing medical and psychological concerns that are often associated with early recovery.

Personalized Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Promises Austin is a residential treatment center with programs that begin with a minimum of 35 to 90 days. We are committed to creating a uniquely adapted treatment episode for each guest. The treatment plan will meet the physical, mental, emotional, family and spiritual needs of the individual. It will equip them with the necessary tools to conquer their addictions and live a healthy sober life.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has three primary components: a comprehensive assessment, a personalized treatment plan, and one year of recovery coaching after completing the program.

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