Addiction Recovery Light Bulb Moments

Addicts Reveal 3 Light Bulb Moments That Changed Their Lives

Posted on September 26th, 2016

Everyone who has come out on the other side of an addiction problem has a story. Some are dramatic – you know them – a person gets into a car wreck, is arrested, maybe gets beaten up. Some are quiet; a little voice inside your head tells you that for the sake of your children, your spouse, yourself, you just can’t go on the way you have been. The stories are all different. Here are the life experiences of three people who knew they had to change. Most of the names and identifying factors have been changed.

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Substance Abuse and Overdose

Saving the Life of the Party

Posted on September 20th, 2016

Once again, a vibrant, popular, accomplished young person, the pride of family and friends who loved her fiercely, is being mourned. One of too many. One is too many. Scott Carbonara, the father of Alana, who died unexpectedly in September 2015, is making his family’s grief public. He pleads with anyone who is splashing about in the tempting and terrifying waters of substance abuse to seek and accept a helping hand out. He calls to family members and professionals to be that rowboat that may yet ferry the drowning person to safety.

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How Hypnosis Can Help with Recovery

Hypnosis Might Help You Overcome Addiction

Posted on September 14th, 2016

Research into hypnosis as a treatment tool for addiction has shown that this alternative practice can help some people. Results are mixed, though, and it seems that the strategy is best used as a tool within a more traditional and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. If you’re interested in trying it, work with the professionals in your treatment program to find an experienced hypnotherapist.

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Addiction Relapse Statistics

A Sobering Look at Addiction Relapse Rates

Posted on September 7th, 2016

Recovery from drug or alcohol abuse or a process addiction isn’t always a neat and tidy process. Relapse is common and many addiction professionals believe it to be a natural part of the process. Just like people with chronic conditions like hypertension, asthma and diabetes slip up in their ongoing recovery regime, so do people struggling with the chronic disease of addiction.

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Employment Hurdles to Addiction Treatment

Employment Challenges to Getting Addiction Treatment

Posted on September 1st, 2016

There are many hurdles an addict might face in getting treatment for addiction and all too often their employer is one of them. While addiction is a disease with significant medical implications, employers don’t always recognize it as such. For employees struggling with a substance use disorder, this can make seeking help—especially inpatient treatment—challenging. This Labor Day, we’re taking a look at what you should know about addiction in the workplace, regardless of what rung on the corporate ladder you might occupy.

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