Culinary Services

culinaryThe cuisine at Promises Austin is delicious, nutritious, and beautifully presented, all in equal measure. Including North American, European, and regional dishes, three full meals are provided everyday, along with nutritious snacks and entertaining instructional culinary demonstrations. The skillful team of highly trained chefs prides itself on knowing the personal preferences of each guest. Over easy? Scrambled? Chef Michael and his staff remember!

Meals that rival those found in five-star restaurants are among the highlights of each day’s stay at Promises Austin. Guests learn skills in the kitchen with Gourmet Cooking Classes offered weekly. We want guests and their families to benefit from everything that Promises Austin has to offer!


Lunch Menu

Here is a sampling from our spring lunch menu:

Cedar Planked Salmon

Gingered Barley.  Sesame Green Beans.  Sweet Chile Glaze.

Hoisen tenderloin

Udon Noodles.  Shitake.  Miso Broth.  Broccoli.  Sesame Oil.


Toasted Orzo.  Lemon-grilled Shrimp. Tomato-Cilantro Ragout.  Cotija.  Green Chile Quesadilla.

Frekn’ Huge Scallops

Creamy Polenta Cake.  Tempura Zucchini.  Barbecue Butter Sauce.  Orange Dressing.

Pasta “What’s Pappardelle?”

Grilled Beef Tips.  Wheat Pappardelle.  Petit Tomatoes.  Crimini Mushrooms. Tuscan-Sage Broth.

Rainbow Trout

Roast Asparagus.  Brown Rice.  Tomato-Basil Fondue.

Baked Pecan-mustard Chicken

Green Onion Mashers. Honey Beurre Blanc.  Roast Zuc.

Braised Pork Shin

Red Jacket Potatoes.  Red Chard.  Pot Liquor Reduction.

Veal Porterhouse

Cheesy-Red Pepper Couscous.  Blackberry Reduction.  Vegetable Mélange.

Beef Rib eye

Cowboy Rub.  Baked Potato.  Broccoli.  Garlic Mushroom Ragout.

Lobster Risotto

Panko Lobster Tail.  Lemon-Basil Risotto.  Spinach.

Italian Meatloaf

Roasted Peppers.  Vegetarian Tetrazzini.  Tomato Glaze.  House Rolls.

Smoked Beef Brisket

Potato Salad.  Cole Slaw.  Texas BBQ Sauce.  Nanner Puddin’.

Cornish Game Hen

Smashey Red Potatoes.  Jalapeno Gravy.  Petit Green Beans.  Drop Biscuits.

Prime Rib

Hungarian Potatoes.  Rosemary.  Tomato-Cheese Cobbler.  .

Baked Sea bass

Almondy Brown Rice.  Tomato-stewed Bok Choy.  Miso Broth.

Pork Tenderloin

Old Bay Crust.  Mac-N-Cheese.  Creole Macaque Choux.  Crispy Okra.

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