What to Bring

What to Bring For Your Stay

  • Comfortable, casual clothing including closed – toe or hiking shoes. Appropriate tops with ½ inch straps, and shorts or skirts may be worn with appropriate under garments.
  • Swim suit: one piece for women and board shorts for men (no exceptions).
  • Exercise, recreation, and hiking clothes.
  • Light sweater or pullover for cool group rooms and evenings.
  • Personal toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
  • Personal medications – 35 day supply. Must be in the original prescription bottle with your name. All medications will require approval from the Promises Austin medical director.
  • Important contact names, (doctors, lawyers, family members), including addresses and telephone numbers.
  • You are welcome to bring Twelve Step literature.
  • Musical Instruments are permissible (guitars, etc.).
  • Additional leisure time activities: books, (subject to approval), art supplies, journal, etc.
  • Personal pillow or blanket.
  • You may bring dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.).  These will be approved by the medical director for personal use.
  • Laptop – held by staff and signed out at approved times.
  • Up to $100 cash along with a credit/debit card for the store, etc. (Will be held in our safe until meeting or outing time.) We suggest that a guest not bring more than $100 in cash.
  • Hair dryer
  • Laundry bag

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What Not to Bring During Your Stay

  • Valuables such as jewelry.
  • A vehicle (parking space is limited).
  • Abusive medications (stimulants <Adderoll®, Ritalin®>; pain pills <Vicodin®, Oxycontin®>; or anti-anxiety <Xanax®, Valium®.) etc.
  • Electronic games. TVs, DVD players, iPods, radios, walkmans, CDs.
  • Over-the-counter sleeping pills, diet pills or home remedies.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Personal drinks/snacks (especially if it contains caffeine) are not allowed.
  • Seductive or explicit clothing depicting sex, drugs, alcohol, or bars.
  • Aerosol cans, shoe polish, perfume, or mouthwash/aftershave containing alcohol.
  • Tank tops, short shorts or mini skirts.

Technology Policy

It is a goal of Promises Austin to have clients learn how to best manage the use of technology in their lives. Clients are encouraged to stay involved at a decreased frequency with their loved ones, business contacts, and recovery support network while in treatment under the guidelines provided by staff.

  • No use of cell phones, computers, and/or other technology the first 7 days of treatment.
  • After the first 7 days,  personal technology will be made available daily from 12:30-1pm, and house phones will be available from 6-10 pm daily.

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