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Rehab Admissions, Cost, and Insurance Information

Our stress-free admissions process begins with a free confidential phone call to one of our experienced advisors.

Making the commitment to get treatment for yourself or a loved one is a courageous choice. At Promises Austin, we’ll help you sort through the rehab admissions process so you can focus on taking this important first step toward healing.

Admission to Promises Austin starts with a confidential phone call. Tell us about the challenges you’re facing and we’ll help you chart a path to recovery. Call 866-210-0975 for a free confidential assessment.

Speak confidentially with a Promises recovery advisor.


You may also begin the admission process by filling out this simple form and telling us a little bit about yourself.

Rehab Insurance – Out of Network Benefits Accepted

Promises Austin accepts private pay as well as most PPO insurances. If you have out-of-network PPO benefits, our experienced advisors can chelp you figure out how to pay for rehab and determine how your benefits will help to offset the cost of treatment and work with your insurance company to ensure maximum coverage and reimbursement for the cost of rehab. Call 844-876-1784 for a complimentary benefit check today.

What to Bring

Working Together with Referring Clinicians

Many of our clients are referred to Promises Austin by professionals in the medical, therapeutic, addiction/recovery and legal fields. These professional referents take great care in selecting an addiction treatment center for their clients.

At Promises Austin we take great pride in the high level of personalized service and open communication we provide our professional referents (at a minimum, upon admission, continuing with weekly updates, and through discharge planning and follow-up care) to ensure a productive treatment and recovery experience for their clients. We value the experience and relationship referring clinicians provide. If you are a professional referent seeking information about our drug and alcohol treatment program, please call a Promises Austin representative 24/7 toll free at 844-876-1784.

Drug & Alcohol Intervention Services

Promises Austin works with many reputable professional interventionists throughout the country and supports the value of their services. Through a series of guided steps, an intervention couples care and concern with specific evidence that helps to break through denial and move the addicted person to accept both the reality of his or her condition as well as the help needed to manage it. A high percentage of interventions are successful in getting a loved one into addiction treatment. Call our caring advisors at 844-876-1784 to learn more about getting a loved one into drug rehab treatment.

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