Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Vicodin is a commonly prescribed pain reliever with a high risk for addiction. The drug is comprised of acetaminophen and the opioid hydrocodone. It can be habit-forming, and is deadly in high doses, depressing respiratory function. People who abuse Vicodin may use it with alcohol and other substances, further increasing its dangers. Vicodin can also be a gateway drug to heroin, which is often easier and cheaper to obtain when prescriptions for Vicodin run out.

Signs that Vicodin (hydrocodone) addiction treatment is needed include:

  • Developing a tolerance (needing increased amounts of Vicodin to get the same effects)
  • Doctor shopping for additional Vicodin prescriptions
  • Using more Vicodin than prescribed
  • Combining Vicodin with alcohol or other drugs
  • Inability to quit using Vicodin
  • Financial, legal or relationship problems due to use of the drug
  • Experiencing Vicodin withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, confusion, convulsions, headaches, blurred vision and constipation

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What to Expect in Vicodin Rehab

Promises Austin provides clinically sophisticated Vicodin (hydrocodone) addiction treatment so that you can heal both the physical and emotional wounds of drug abuse.

Medical Detox – People who abuse Vicodin may need medically monitored drug detox to safely eliminate the drug from their system. Our 24/7 medical team will ensure this period is as safe and comfortable as possible. We’ll prescribe evidence-based medications as clinically appropriate to ease withdrawal symptoms and monitor your vital signs around the clock to make sure you’re safe and stable. Learn more about our drug detox program.

Inpatient Vicodin Addiction Treatment – After medical detox you’ll move into our inpatient treatment program. In a comfortable, inspiring setting you’ll recover among a group of peers who share similar struggles. Our master’s-level, specially trained addiction staff draws on a number of traditional and alternative therapies to help you get to the core reasons behind your addiction, heal physically and emotionally, and develop healthier coping skills. Some of these approaches include individual and group therapy, psychodrama, EMDR, acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness, Native American healing traditions and art therapy. Learn more about our therapies and approaches.

Aftercare – Long-term recovery is supported by continuous professional help and a strong network of peers in sobriety. We offer a one-year continuing care program grounded in proven recovery approaches. Through our Javelin continuing care program we’ll help you maintain lifestyle changes with regular check-ins, resources for support groups, identification of triggers and support in dealing with them, positive reinforcement to maintain sobriety, and ongoing addiction education. Learn more about continuing care.

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