Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction can take many forms and can be just as debilitating as a drug or alcohol addiction. Sexual disorder treatment typically takes the same approach as treatment for other addictions. You’ll address underlying issues that have led to sexual compulsion as a coping mechanism, learn to recognize triggers and acquire healthier coping skills. You’ll also learn how to achieve and maintain healthy intimacy and loving relationships.

Do You Need Sex Addiction Rehab?

There is a clinical difference between someone who has a healthy interest in sex and someone whose life is spiraling out of control because of sexual behaviors. Some warning signs of sexual addiction include:

  • Multiple affairs
  • Compulsive masturbation with or without pornography
  • Losing hours to online pornography or traditional forms of porn
  • Frequent anonymous or casual sex with or without the help of online apps or websites
  • Prostituting oneself or obtaining the services of prostitutes
  • Risky behavior to obtain sex or risky behavior around sex (having unprotected sex with strangers or engaging in sexual offenses like voyeurism and exhibitionism)
  • Frequenting sex-focused environments like strip clubs, online sex chat groups and adult book stores
  • Legal, financial or personal problems due to sexual behaviors

Similarities to Other Addictions

Research shows that sex addiction resembles many characteristics of drug addiction and eating disorders like binge-eating disorder. Compulsively engaging in porn, sex, masturbation and other behaviors can affect the reward center of the brain, similar to the way many addictive drugs impact the release of dopamine. Like substance abusers, sex addicts may develop a tolerance to the effects of their behaviors and need to engage in more of the behavior (or more unusual behaviors) to produce pleasurable feelings.

Like people who abuse drugs, sex addicts might use compulsive sexual behaviors to cope with past trauma, symptoms of mental health disorders or life stressors. Compulsive sexual behaviors are sometimes used as a self-protective attempt to avoid vulnerable, close relationships with others, especially if the sex addict has experienced early life trauma or pain or abuse in past relationships.

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