OxyContin Addiction Treatment

OxyContin is an opiate sometimes prescribed by medical professionals for severe physical pain and is often abused by people with substance use disorders. OxyContin is a Schedule II narcotic pain reliever used medically to manage moderate to severe pain. Schedule II drugs are defined by the Drug Enforcement Administration to have a high potential for abuse, with the possibility of severe psychological or physical dependence. Some people addicted to OxyContin may start using heroin, which is cheaper and easier to obtain, but just as deadly. Long-term recovery from OxyContin abuse may require intensive inpatient drug addiction treatment.

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What to Expect in OxyContin Rehab

Promises Austin takes a medical, behavioral and spiritual approach to treating clients suffering from addiction. Components of OxyContin addiction treatment include:

Medical Detox – Our medical staff will attend to you around the clock to ensure a safe and comfortable detox period. We’ll use research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and continuously monitor your progress. OxyContin detox is different for everyone, but the most severe symptoms typically last from three to seven days. Learn more about drug detox.

Inpatient Treatment – The best chances for long-term recovery from drug addiction come with longer stays in treatment. We offer varying lengths of stay for OxyContin addiction treatment to ensure you are physically and mentally strong before returning to everyday life. You’ll receive expert medical care to manage any physical concerns, rebuild your health, and engage in a number of traditional and experiential therapies. We’ll help you get to the reasons behind your addiction and develop healthy coping skills for long-term recovery. Learn more about drug rehab.

Continuing Care – Sobriety can require continuous support from both addiction professionals and a strong network of sober peers. We offer a one-year continuing care program that uses approaches proven to support long-term recovery. You’ll learn how to manage triggers and prevent relapse. You’ll stay motivated and engaged in your recovery. And you’ll draw support from peers on their own recovery journeys. Learn more about aftercare.

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