Opiate Addiction Treatment

Promises Austin opiate rehab provides evidence-based treatment that tackles addiction from all angles – physically, mentally and spiritually. Opiate abuse is a national crisis and can be one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, but we can help. Our opiate addiction treatment is successful because we not only treat the addiction, but also the reasons behind it – and teach you or your loved one the healthy coping skills needed to make lasting lifestyle changes. This helps prevent relapse.

Comfortable, Compassionate Opiate Detox

You’ll take the first step to recovery in a comfortable setting that feels like home. Our team of medical experts ensures that drug detox is as safe and comfortable as possible. You’ll be cared for by our physician, and nurses will monitor you around the clock. We’ll ease any withdrawal symptoms with the latest evidence-based medications. We may also draw upon alternative therapies like acupuncture as clinically appropriate. Learn more about medical drug detox.

What to Expect in Opiate Rehab

Opiate abuse can take a heavy toll on both the body and the mind. Our approach to opiate addiction treatment seeks to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance and provide a toolbox of recovery skills you can draw upon for the rest of your life.

Some key aspects of our opiate rehab center include:

Individual therapy – You’ll develop a trusting therapeutic relationship in one-on-one sessions with your counselor. You’ll work on your specific issues and help create a treatment plan that makes sense for your particular needs.

Group therapy – Small groups give you the opportunity to feel safe being vulnerable and working on interpersonal issues. You’ll share with your peers and hear from others with similar struggles.

Medical care – Our physicians and nurses will closely monitor your health as you recover. They’ll educate you on any medications prescribed and support your medical needs.

Relapse prevention – We’ll help you address the underlying issues of addiction such as trauma and mental health disorders. You’ll learn about triggers and how to address them with healthy coping mechanisms.

Engaging therapies – In addition to traditional therapies, we provide an array of experiential approaches so you have many ways to heal. Some of these include art therapy, drum circle, yoga, acupuncture and psychodrama. Learn more about our therapies.

Family Involvement – The whole family needs to heal from addiction. Family therapy and our special weekend family program help loved ones learn how to support each other in recovery. Learn more.

Our opiate addiction treatment center offers a private, inspiring setting for the work of recovery.  Nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, you’ll find the expert, compassionate care needed to move beyond opiate addiction and discover a better life.

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