Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine has great potential for addiction and abuse. Meth impacts the production of the “feel good” neurotransmitter dopamine, and when abused can produce feelings of elation and happiness. Meth abuse can also deplete the brain’s supply of dopamine and interfere with its ability to produce more on its own. This leads to physical and psychological dependence, a very unpleasant “crash” when the effects of the drug wear off, and long-term withdrawal symptoms. Many people require intense medical and psychological care to safely and effectively stop using meth.

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Signs You Need Inpatient Meth Rehab

Any non-medical use of methamphetamines is cause for concern and may point to a substance use disorder. Additional signs that you or a loved one may need methamphetamine addiction treatment include:

  • Intense mood swings ranging from euphoria to depression
  • Anxiety, agitation, nervousness and irritability
  • Secretive behaviors such as hiding substance use
  • Financial, legal, career or relationship problems
  • Isolating from friends and family
  • Preoccupation with obtaining and using meth
  • Erratic, violent or risky behavior
  • Weight loss and abnormal eating patterns
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting and trembling
  • Poor personal hygiene and dental problems
  • Paranoia, hallucinations and psychosis

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Why Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Is Critical

Meth can wreak long-term, often irreparable havoc on the body, both physically and emotionally. People who abuse meth are at risk for numerous physical ailments like liver damage, tachycardia (abnormal heart rate), heart attacks, tooth loss and poor motor skills. They can also develop brain damage and symptoms that mimic mental health disorders like schizophrenia and psychosis, as well as long-term memory loss and cognitive issues. This is why it is essential that people addicted to meth get the treatment they need as early as possible to prevent further damage.

Get Help From Addiction Experts

If you or a loved one is struggling with methamphetamine addiction, we can help. Promises Austin provides exceptional, compassionate medical care for those struggling with chemical dependence and co-occurring mental health issues. Our 24/7 medical staff will help you safely and comfortably detox from substances with research-backed medication. Then our residential program will help you heal the physical and emotional wounds of addiction and gain the healthy coping skills you need to live a fulfilling life without drugs.

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