Inpatient Addiction and Depression Treatment That Works

Depression is a devastating but treatable mental health condition. Promises Austin substance abuse and depression residential treatment addresses the medical, behavioral and spiritual issues that underlie these co-occurring disorders. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we get to the root of the problem so you can sustain long-term recovery.

You’ll benefit from the care of 24/7 specialists and the latest evidence-based treatments, including traditional and experiential therapies. Our empowering approach to treatment is aimed at rebuilding your resilience and helping you discover joy and purpose again.

Care at our depression treatment centers includes:

Psychiatric and addiction assessments – Our expert medical team provides thorough biopsychosocial assessments to determine all of the the physical, psychological and situational factors contributing to your issues. We’ll confirm or adjust previous diagnoses to ensure accuracy and provide the most effective treatment approach.

Substance abuse and depression residential treatment – We offer varying lengths of stay. The average length of stay is 35 to 90 days depending on the level of care you need. Clients at our depression rehab centers also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. For some, medical detox is the first step in treatment.

Expert medication management – Our psychiatric staff prescribes evidence-based medication as clinically appropriate. You’ll receive thorough education on any medication prescribed for depression as well as potential side effects.

Innovative, evidence-based approaches – You’ll benefit from a blend of traditional and alternative therapies. While one-on-one traditional therapy is an important aspect of treatment, we also offer experiential approaches such as EMDR to help you address underlying trauma. Acupuncture and massage therapy can help you explore the connection between physical and psychological symptoms. Native American healing traditions like drum circle and medicine wheel can enhance your connection with the world around you. And creative therapies like art therapy help you give a voice to emotions that are hard to express verbally. Learn more about our therapies and approaches.

Why Consider Residential Depression Treatment Centers?

If you have chronic, treatment-resistant depression, you may require around-the-clock, intensive care from mental health experts to get better. This is especially critical when depression is compounded by alcohol or drug abuse. If depression and substance abuse continue to negatively impact your life despite outpatient therapy and medication management, a higher level of care might be necessary.

Inpatient depression treatment centers provide you intensive, research-backed care and space away from life’s stressors so that you can focus on recovering.

A better life is waiting. We’ll help you get there.

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