Codeine Addiction Treatment

At Promises Austin, we help people recover from codeine abuse through medical detox and inpatient codeine addiction treatment.

Codeine has long been used to help ease pain or treat coughs and colds by physicians. However, codeine’s pleasure-inducing effects when used in large amounts make it a high-risk drug for abuse when used without medical supervision. Codeine affects cell receptors similarly to the way opioids like heroin interact with them. Some heroin addicts use large amounts of codeine to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Codeine should not be used without the oversight of medical professionals.

Do You Need Codeine Rehab?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should consider codeine addiction treatment:

  • Using more codeine than prescribed by your physician
  • Using codeine without the supervision of a medical professional
  • Needing more and more codeine to get the same effect
  • “Doctor shopping” to obtain more codeine prescriptions
  • Using codeine to curb withdrawal symptoms from other drugs such as heroin
  • Using codeine with other substances such as alcohol to get a more intense effect
  • Compromised career, finances or relationships
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms like chills, stomach cramps, vomiting, psychosis and muscle spasms

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Dangers of Codeine Abuse

When codeine is taken in larger amounts than what is medically recommended it can produce mind-altering effects similar to drugs like heroin. Codeine works to depress the central nervous system and alters the brain’s reward center. The user may experience euphoria and pleasurable sedating or calming effects that can be physically and psychologically addictive. Codeine slows the lungs’ functioning, making it easy to overdose if improper amounts are ingested. Codeine can also be a gateway drug to opioids like OxyContin or heroin.

Ready to End the Chaos of Addiction?

It’s possible to overcome addiction and live a better life. Our licensed, specially trained addiction professionals can help you heal from the physical and emotional wounds of substance abuse. Call our recovery advisers to learn more about our codeine rehab program. Your phone consultation is free and confidential.

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