Bipolar Disorder

Effective Addiction and Bipolar Disorder Therapy

We understand the challenges of living with bipolar disorder or loving someone who suffers from it. Our approach to treating mental health disorders and addiction is evidence-based, compassionate and empowering. You’ll benefit from a team of caring medical specialists and the latest traditional and alternative therapies so you can effectively manage your mental health and live a fulfilling, joyful life.

Why Consider Residential Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers

Bipolar disorder is a complex brain disorder with a high relapse rate. Outpatient care might not be enough for long-term successful outcomes. Many people with untreated or undertreated bipolar disorder attempt to alleviate their symptoms by abusing drugs or alcohol. Studies have shown people with bipolar disorder are at higher risk for having an alcohol use disorder than with any other mental health disorder.

Because of the high relapse rate and risk of alcoholism and drug abuse, you may consider care at inpatient bipolar disorder treatment centers to help better stabilize and comprehensively treat all of these issues. Residential care removes you from the stressors of everyday life that can worsen or trigger symptoms. Around-the-clock medical and behavioral teams can thoroughly assess your physical and behavioral needs and determine the best course of care.

Why Choose Promises Austin for Bipolar Disorder Therapy?

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to treating people with addictions and mental health disorders. Ours is a uniquely personalized treatment experience that considers not only medical interventions for treating bipolar disorder, but also transformative experiential and alternative therapies. This helps you address and begin to heal from deep spiritual and emotional wounds.

In addition to specialized psychiatric care to manage the biological component of bipolar disorder and its complex symptoms, our team of behavioral experts helps you “land” back in your body. You’ll participate in trauma-focused therapies and experiential approaches that meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. You’ll learn sobriety can be joyful and fulfilling, and develop healthier ways to cope.

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