Using Substances to Cope With Anxiety?

Anxiety and substance abuse often go hand in hand. If you suffer from anxiety, you’re two or three times more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol than the general population. You may be using substances to cope with the debilitating symptoms of an anxiety disorder. The problem is that abusing alcohol and drugs often backfires. It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem and can lead to more issues such as dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Why Consider Anxiety Treatment Centers?

If anxiety is getting in the way of everyday life, and especially if you’re abusing drugs or alcohol to cope, a stay in an anxiety rehab center can give you the comprehensive care needed to get better. Inpatient anxiety treatment centers can provide you space away from everyday triggers and stressors. Having time just to focus on you and address the underlying issues that perpetuate mental health issues and addictions is often transforming. Around-the-clock access to a team of medical and behavioral experts and therapies that help alleviate anxiety and build healthy coping skills prepare you to be resilient in everyday life.

What Substance Abuse and Anxiety Treatment Is Like

At Promises Austin you’ll recover from anxiety and substance use disorders in the scenic Texas Hill Country. Our renowned medical and behavioral team will help you address the biological and social components of your disorders. For instance, past trauma is a common contributor to present day anxiety. In addition to traditional approaches, we offer specialized trauma therapies like EMDR to get to the root causes of your disorders and help you move past them. We’ll also help you heal from all angles – physically, mentally and spiritually – with a wide selection of approaches like yoga, massage therapy, art therapy, acupuncture and Native American healing traditions. Learn more about our therapies.

Ready to start again?

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