Comprehensive Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder is a chronic brain disease that requires the help of medical and behavioral experts for long-term recovery. Promises Austin alcohol rehab offers a full continuum of care from medical detox through residential alcoholism treatment and aftercare.

With a range of traditional and experiential approaches, you’ll explore the issues that perpetuate alcohol as a coping mechanism, discover your inner strength and resiliency, and adopt a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Why Promises Austin Alcohol Rehab Works

We don’t just help you quit drinking; we teach you the recovery skills you need to stay healthy and sober in daily life. Alongside a group of peers sharing similar struggles, you’ll begin a transformative journey that will help heal the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds of addiction.

Highlights of our alcoholism treatment program include:

Medical detox – Our expert medical team will monitor you around the clock. We draw upon the latest evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and ensure alcohol detox is safe and comfortable. Learn more about drug detox.

Traditional and experiential therapies – We offer both traditional approaches like individual and group counseling and alternative approaches like massage therapy, yoga, art therapy and Native American healing traditions. You have many opportunities to discover what approaches best support you in recovery. Learn more about our therapies.

Family involvement – Addiction affects the entire family. At Promises Austin alcohol rehab, we help the whole family heal through family therapy, addiction education and an intensive family weekend. Learn more about our family program.

The comforts of home – You’ll live in a welcoming home with beautiful décor and comfortable furnishings. Amenities include swimming pools, putting greens, spas, Jacuzzis, gourmet meals and inspiring outdoor spaces overlooking the Texas Hill Country. Learn more.

Whole-person healing – We help you heal from all angles. Our nutritionist and fitness expert will help you heal physically. Trauma-focused therapies and expert psychiatric care will help you identify and address emotional and mental health issues. We also provide a number of ways to explore and strengthen your spirituality.

Is it Time for Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

If you’re concerned about what you’re seeing, you or a loved one may require inpatient alcohol rehab. Some signs of an alcohol problem include:

  • Needing increasing amounts of alcohol to get the desired effect
  • Drinking alone or hiding drinking from others
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms between drinking episodes
  • Putting your job or relationships in jeopardy due to drinking
  • Engaging in risky or dangerous situations due to alcohol
  • Financial or legal problems such as DUIs
  • Failed attempts to quit or reduce drinking
  • Needing to drink to “feel normal” or “take the edge off”
  • Blacking out from drinking or feeling regret or guilt after drinking


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